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Jennifer Nicole
  • What got you into cars?
  • I've always had an obsession with cars since I was little. I remember my parents bought my brother a poster of a Lamborghini Diablo (back when it first came out, early 90's) I was thinking.. What is that? Why don't my parents have it? And how can I get my hands on one?.. It was so beautiful.
  • At what age did you get your first vehicle? What was it?
  • I saved money, I mean, I really saved money. Every Christmas, every birthday, every allowance I saved since I was little because I knew I would want a car as soon as I could drive one. I actually bought my first car at 15 and pretty much paid cash for it. It was a 1994 V-Tec Honda Prelude in red. I put headers, cold-air intake, exhaust, wheels, did some cool interior mods to it and put a full system inside with a 12-inch sub in the back.. The sub was a little much; the trunk rattled like crazy until I dyno-matted the whole thing about 4 times over.
  • A lifetime supply of sushi, 1 passionate kiss or a Lotus Exige?
  • Anyone who knows me would tell you, hands down, EXIGE!!! I can make love to that car!
  • Tell us about the Montreal Rally with Tila Tequila
  • That was one crazy ride! That was the first time I almost got arrested and the funny thing was the whole time, I was laughing about it. I got off with a warning; I actually have it on my wall in my room. Pretty impressive..Speeding, illegal lane changing, and he thought I stole a bright yellow Lotus and stickered it up to drive across the country because he couldn't run my plates. Who wouldn't have a laugh, right? Tila was a cool girl. I felt bad for her because she was just learning how to drive a manual and was having problems clutching. There we were in the middle of a road in Montreal with unfamiliar street signs when she turns onto on coming traffic and stalls the car and we almost get hit. We had a good laugh about it afterwards but for a minute there I think we were both about to lose it.
  • What is 1 thing you could not live a day without?
  • My cell phone
  • Tell us about your favorite freckle...what's so special about him?
  • You mean Rob Ferretti? He's awesome!
  • Favorite food?
  • Chicken. Tacos. Sushi. Shrimp. Can I say dessert? I'm such a sweet fanatic!
  • Favorite exotic car?
  • I hate this question! I have too many! Koenigsegg CCX. Maserati MC12 always gives me goosebumps. There's something so intimidating about that car. I think someone needs to give me the keys to it so I can figure it out! Ferrari F430 Spider is one of my all time favorites to drive. Its exquisite detail to the driver's preferences makes it my favorite. I love looking in the rear view mirror and the sound of the engine is like no other. You can always hear a Ferrari coming your way. Bentley Continental GTC...maybe I'm just being a girl when I say that the interior is so reminiscent of Chanel. And I LOVE Chanel. (There's my "girl" side coming out!). I love some of the vintage Ferrari's and Porsche's. And let's not forget the Porsche GT. Actually, all the GT's.. GT2, GT3..They are all MAD HOT AND SEXY!
  • Ferrari or Lambo?
  • Ferrari
  • Best car related experience or day or driving?
  • One of my best car moments was actually with the one and only, Mr. Rob Ferretti. We were at the world's largest drag strip in Kansas when Rob and I took a 900hp Ford GT down the track and timed it. I don't even remember the time we got but I remember that I could not quit laughing. Rob and I had serious perma-grins and that was the first time I had been 172+ MPH. It was exhilarating!
  • What have you not done in the driving world yet that you want to do?
  • Make a lingerie line inspired by the world's most exotic cars.. Oh wait, I've already started doing that.. Shameless self plug here. There's a lot I'd like to do. I want to get a bunch of friends together and go to Skip Barber. I wish I had more track time. I love driving on tracks and I love the oval. I'm pretty simple, I just love speed.
  • 3 dream cars you hope to own
  • Well, I'm not sure exact models I'd choose but I'd definitely have a Ferrari, either vintage or new and a Porsche either Vintage or new. Maybe an Audi R8 to round it out. raspberry
  • Top 3 cars from the 90's
  • McLaren F1, Nissan Skyline, Phantom VI
  • Favorite type of racing?
  • This year I went to an F-1 party and I have to say I was hooked. Although I don't sit at home by myself watching it, I'm always game for going to watch it with friends. That's the one thing I would never care it my future boyfriend/husband watched. As long as I got to wear my Ferrari shirt while we watched!!!! Here's a funny fact: I was actually an STP girl for NASCAR one year. YES NASCAR! OMG! Hey, I got to ride on the track; it wasn't as bad as you'd think!
  • What do you do for a living?
  • I am obsessed with cars and lingerie. No matter what I'll always fall into something where I'm around either cars or lingerie. And lots of it.
  • Name the 3 best (stock) production cars you've driven to date.
  • Emil's Lamborghini Gallardo (that was the first time driving an exotic) Ferrari F-430. Lotus Exige S (on the track)