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Rob Ferretti
Rob Ferretti started Super Speeders by himself in 2003 after getting involved with local car owners and the NY area street racing scene. The DVDs weren't the original intent and were only created as the opportunity presented itself. Back before the age of YouTube any videos that were passed around the internet were hosted and downloaded, there wasn't a lot of streaming. Car videos and forums caught Robs interest and in no time he bought a handycam and started recording his and his friends misdeeds on the highways. Having no thoughts of producing videos for a living, Rob just asked friends with company servers to host the occasional video clips for him. After a recurring problem of wild bandwidth spikes to his friends companies, the idea sparked in Robs head that if he has something people want to see that was costing money to host, there had to be a way to make money by packaging it and selling it. With no editing background, Rob took a basic editing class and edited his first creation "Life After the 1/4 Mile" which he started the website to distribute. After surprising success selling his first attempt at creating a DVD, Rob took all the proceeds from his first DVD and re-invested it into cameras, equipment, and most importantly modifications to his Corvette and the rest is history.
  • At what age did you first start to notice cars?
  • I didn't start noticing cars until I was 18. The first 3 cars that stand out in my mind as "wow that's cool" are a white 1997 Toyota Supra and a Silver 1998 Porsche Carrera convertible driven by kids in my school. The third was a Mellenium Metallico edition Lamborghini Diablo, that I used to get $20 to spray with a hose and wipe off with a towel when I worked at a golf course running golf carts. It was downhill from there.
  • Which was your first car?
  • My first car was a clunker, 1988 Bonneville, which I had to MacGyver together when it broke all the time.
  • Was it the car that you wanted?
  • At 18 you'll pretty much take anything.
  • As Super Speeders creator, what is your response to the people who brand you as a danger to the public?
  • I didn't invent speeding, i just document it. People are always looking for someone to blame to address their fears in the world. They feel that personifying and identifying the problem is the first step to making it go away so they can sleep better at night. Sorry to say speeding has and will continue to happen whether or not I make DVDs about it. Speeding isn't an underground movement of back alley renegades adjusting cars to travel 120mph...Virtually every car produced today is designed to operate at 100mph+, as long as they do people will continue to drive at the cars capable speeds. Unfortunately you have to hold each INDIVIDUAL driver accountable for his or her actions.
  • Speeding aside do you believe the driving you feature in your DVDs is dangerous?
  • I believe there is an inherent risk to living on this planet. You could get struck by lightening if you walk outside your house in a storm. You could get struck by a stray bullet walking down the street. You could be a victim of a violent crime. You could get killed playing baseball, football, golf, soccer, etc. You can get hit by a train crossing the railroad tracks. You could die in a plane crash. All of these are possibilities. You can live your life in fear of what may happen or you can enjoy life and accept that something bad can happen at any moment, however unlikely those options are. Super Speeders represents trained drivers in super performance cars navigating through the world of everybody else. Where as there is always a possibility of something bad happening on the road, fears would be much better directed at more prevalent dangers. Drunk driving, tired driving, distracted driving, poorly maintained vehicles, under-qualified drivers, vehicles being pushed beyond their limits (excessive speed of trucks, vans, buses, etc.) Mostly what you have to fear is poor judgment, most accidents are not the fault of the vehicle, they are a result of the driver who is not aware of their vehicles limitations or how to handle their vehicle in a specific situation. Where its easy to fear sports cars wizzing down the highways because they are exceeding the ridiculously low speed limits 99.99% of accidents are not a result of a driver who is focused on their surrounds and enjoying their car. Google it.
  • What are your thoughts about the police?
  • I have no problem with the police or law enforcement, they are incredibly necessary for keeping order in this country I just don't agree with the enforcement of 90% of traffic laws that criminalize non-criminal activities to raise money that the government then wastes.
  • At what age did you first drive a car?
  • No special Ricky Bobby story here, I drove for the first time when I was 17, driving class and all. I remember during my driving test complaining that it would be safer for me to go faster to keep up with the flow of traffic rather then getting in everyone’s way doing the speed limit. I must have been told about 20 times in the 6 hours of required lessons to slow down, that never stuck with me though.
  • What is your role at Super Speeders / Gotham Dream Cars?
  • I started Super Speeders by myself just out of demand. I used to download and watch car videos online like most every car fan, and as a result decided to go out and buy a video camera and shoot my own videos. When I started posting them up there was no Youtube, or free hosting sites, so it was common to put the video on a server and offer a link for people to stream / download them. The only problem was the bandwith bills got ridiculous to the point where I had to stop hosting the videos. My revelation was that if hosting videos can cost me money, in turn they should be able to make me money. I took a basic editing class and put together my first DVD "Life After the 1/4 Mile" to test the waters. After I sold 2000 copies of that video I decided it was time to take this a little more seriously.
  • How many speeding violations have you gotten thus far?
  • That's a tough question to answer because I don't count I can say though I've received over 100 citations to date, and been arrested on traffic related offenses twice.
  • Which car would you consider to be your first 'exotic'?
  • I don't consider any of the cars I own to be exotic. My personal collection is the Corvette, the Supra, a 2006 Range Rover HSE, A 1948 Buick Special given to me by my grandfather, and a 128i convertible which is driven by my wife most of the time.
  • Tell us a little about yourself? Age? Inspirations? Desires?
  • I'm 30 years old, (born September 18th 1980) married since January of 2009 to my wife Kim. My inspirations are both Business and family oriented. I want to bring Gotham Dream Cars to a national level with Noah, and in the near future would like to see the Super Speeders brand extend its reaches 10x with the advertising and media campaign that is planned. Once I feel I've done all I could do to forward both businesses I want to then turn my focus to raising a family and seeing the world. Filming these DVDs I've seen a lot of places in passing but haven't been able to sit down and enjoy them, that is what I am positioning for.
  • How did you first start out in the world of exotic vehicles?
  • Noah came out to one of the fun runs with his 360 Modena which he just picked to to try and start a an exotic car rental company with. I concluded within the first 5 minutes of talking to him that he knew absolutely nothing about performance cars. He asked me to help him out here when he would get rentals or something wouldn't act right, which in a Ferrari things rarely ever act right. The rest you know.
  • Which exotic would you say has been the closest to you?
  • Ford GT (yes I consider it an exotic even though it's a Ford)
  • Which exotic would you say is your favorite of all time - owned or not?
  • Pagani Zonda
  • What do you see in the future for you and the Super Speeders crew?
  • The fun will continue for many years, we will all buy more cars, race around the country, rally the world, but DVD series will be capped at Super Speeders 7 (yet to be titled).
  • What are your thoughts on ricers? Good or bad?
  • Modding imports to look different and isn't my cup of tea, I cant fault someone for having a passion about cars and trying to make faster/personalize their car so they enjoy it more. Let me take this time to mention that the skyscraper wing on my car is wind tunnel tested, extremely functional and is the same exact wing that is run on the C5R, the C6R, world challenge series corvette race cars. I do know its big.
  • Is there anything you want to share with everyone reading that you may not have been able to convey through your videos.
  • I don't want to get into a speech about rebelling against the ridiculous speed laws that are selectively enforced in the USA. I hope people can take from the videos, that its not taboo to enjoy driving. There are some amazing roads carved out through our country that it would be a crime not to enjoy at some point. If there was 1 thing I would recommend everyone try at some point it would be rallying across the country, its an amazing experience every time I do it. If you cant afford to take part in a Bullrun, Gumball, or other organized road rally... grab a few buddies jump in a few cars and just hit the road, it is as fun as it looks.