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    Super Speeders Viper ACR
    As seen in DVD #
  • Cant lap the Nurburgring in 7:12.1 seconds? Why not buy a car that can? The newest addition to the Super Speeders fleet is this 2009 Dodge Viper ACR.
    2000 Cobra R
    As seen in DVD #
  • Bought specifically to take on the 2011 Bullrun Rally, the 2000 Cobra R is the newest car to the Super Speeders stable. With only 300 in existence Super Speeders takes a collectors car and uses it for what it was designed for driving. Making a modest 363 rwhp the Cobra R is the least powerful of the Super Speeders cars, but its a burnout monster which can roll toe to toe with the stock exotics so it definitely passes the test.
    Super Speeders Corvette
    As seen in DVD #
  • The Super Speeders is a 2001 C5 Corvette coupe purchased new by Rob in 2001, it has seen many changes over the course of the DVDs and is coming up on $175,000 invested into it.
    Ford GT
    As seen in DVD #
  • This 2005 Ford GT was a trooper, it flawlessly handled the 2006 Bullrun Rally from NY - LA, as well as plenty of high speed runs. This is the one car that made everyone a fan within minutes of experiencing it. Earning it spot as Robs favorite production car to date. Way to go FORD. Sadly it met its untimely demise just days before Super Speeders was to take over payments and make it a part of the super Speeders Fleet.
    Saleen S7
    As seen in DVD #
  • The Saleen S7 is the first real American Super Car. Everything about its purpose and design screams impractical and fun. What more could you want out of a car?
    Super Speeders Supra
    As seen in DVD #
  • Robs 1998 Black / Black 6 Speed turbo Supra with 18,000 original miles on it has received nothing but the best to both maintain its value as one of the most desirable Supras available.
    Dannys Mallett Corvette
    As seen in DVD #
  • 2005 Mallett C6. Danny bought Chucks personal car and had chuck add a vortech supercharger to it before the 2006 Bullrun Rally. With a built 408 ci motor Dannys car made 850 rwhp on pump gas and ended up being faster the Robs corvette in a straight line after many highway pulls to test otherwise.
    Rogers Supra
    As seen in DVD #
  • Stunt Double to the Super Speeders Supra, Rogers 1997 is virtually a clone to Robs Supra. Rogers car provided years of testing to allow Rob an easy path of mods.