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    2000 Cobra R
    As seen in: Super Speeders 4
  • Bought specifically to take on the 2011 Bullrun Rally, the 2000 Cobra R is the newest car to the Super Speeders stable. With only 300 in existence Super Speeders takes a collectors car and uses it for what it was designed for driving. Making a modest 363 rwhp the Cobra R is the least powerful of the Super Speeders cars, but its a burnout monster which can roll toe to toe with the stock exotics so it definitely passes the test.
    The 2000 SVT Cobra R is more rare then even the Ferrari Enzo. This car is #160/300 total produced and has already piloted Rob and Matt 3700 miles across the US on the 2011 Bullrun from Las Vegas to Miami. Exited to put it to the test, look for more of this car in Super Speeders 6.
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