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    Super Speeders Corvette
    As seen in: Super Speeders 4
  • The Super Speeders is a 2001 C5 Corvette coupe purchased new by Rob in 2001, it has seen many changes over the course of the DVDs and is coming up on $175,000 invested into it.
    Started out Naturally aspirated, then received a built motor and a Paxton Novi 2000 Supercharger. It spent most of its life between 700-800 rwhp (always on 93 octane pump gas). It is currently going through a total overhaul with a new lower compression built motor and a single turbo package from Hinson Motorsports. the HP level is expected to be the same, but the car is being lightened ~130lbs. A partial list of modifications is below.
    Technical Specifications
    • 347ci forged LS6 engine
      9:1 compression motor built by Chuck Mallett
    • Trick Flow Heads
      with double spring and roller rockers
    • Innovative Wideband O2
    • Hinson Motorsports Billet 76mm Single turbo kit
      Formerly Paxton Novi 2000 Blower @14lbs of boost
    • Front mount intercooler
    • Custom manifolds for Turbo side (stock Ls6 manifold on drivers side)
      formerly LG Motorsports Long Tube headers
    • Methanol injection
      (removed with Supercharger kit)
    • 65lb injectors
    • Built Rodney Transmission
    • LG motorsports 3:15 built differential
    • Fluidine Radiator
      with built in oil cooler
    • Sparco Evo race seats
    • Custom transmission and differential coolers
      with electric pump
    • Spraco 330 mm wheel with quick release
    • ACP world challenge body panels
      Front lip, undertray, and side skirts
    • 60 in Carbon Fiber Spoiler
      (do not laugh it works and cost over $3000 straight off of GT1 race cars)
    • Mallet custom hood
      only 3 in existence. I'll keep it that way
    • Wilwood 14" Big brake kit
    • SSR Comp H rims (2 sets)
      18" front rims, 19" rears
    • Pilot Sport Cup tires (street / track) - Michelin PS2 (rally)
      305/35/19, 275/35/18
    • Custom 6 point roll cage
    • Interior and engine fire suppression systems
    Additional Info

    Car has been on display at many major Auto Shows across the country, won the Corvettes @ Carlisle 1st annual Burnout contest in 2007.