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    Super Speeders Supra
    As seen in: Super Speeders 4
  • Robs 1998 Black / Black 6 Speed turbo Supra with 18,000 original miles on it has received nothing but the best to both maintain its value as one of the most desirable Supras available.
    The car currently has twice run 213mph in the standing mile and is a beefier clutch away from 1000+ rwhp. The car currently makes 923 rwhp with a single disc clutch, fully forged motor, ported head, and a billet 76mm turbo @32lbs of boost. The car does not run anything but C16 race fuel at $15/gallon. Even with all the modifications to the car, nothing has been modified on the car that is not 100% reversible. With the exception of the turbo, modification wise, the car is an exact clone to Rogers Green 97 turbo. The full modification list is too long to document below are some of the major modifications done.
    Technical Specifications
    • Forged Inline 6clynder
    • Ported Head
    • 76mm Precision Billet turbo
      (rated to over 1100 Wheel hp)
    • 870cc injectors
    • Titan Fuel Rail
    • Defi 60mm Gauges
    • AEM Computer
    • AEM wideband 02
    • HKS DLI
    • External Wastegate
    • HKS ti 4" race exhaust
    • HRE rims
      18in all around
    • Hoosier Slicks
      305/30/18 rear 265/35/18 Front
    Additional Info

    During the Standing mile event at 100% throttle, the fuel economy was around 2 GPM, (Gallons per mile) At that rate the car will get around 38 miles to the tank.