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  • On the Run

    Super Speeders 3: On the Run is the latest entry in the Super Speeders series, featuring more street racing goodness, exciting new police chases, and the Super Speeders team racing across the country in the Bullrun rally. Hold onto your seat, we're back in action, and we're not stepping off the gas pedal anytime soon. Now available!



    Release Date 4/2/2007

    Runtime: 114 minutes

    Aspect Ratio: 16:9

    Filmed in High Definition



    Chapter List

    Intro - Ferrari Crash

    1. Ford GT Races

    2. Cross Country Rally Day 1

    3. Ferrari Fire

    4. Road Trip Day 2

    5. Poker Run

    6. Road Trip Day 3

    7. Atlanta Road Trip To Buy Murcielago

    8. Road Trip Day 4

    9. Testing "No Chase Policy"

    10. Road Trip Day 5

    11. Hanging With Eric in Las Vegas 

    12. Road Trip Day 6

    13. SSC High Speed Testing 

    14. Road Trip Day 7

    15. On The Run (Ford GT Police Chase)

    Bonus Features

    Mallett Cars

    Playing on Tracks

    Bad Day (Z06 in swamp)


    Sheep Sign

    C5 Burnout

    Murcielago Burnout

    Twin Turbo Z06

    Vanquish Bobsled

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