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  • Out of Control

    Super Speeders 5 will keep you on the edge of your seat from the opening crash to the closing credits. Strap in and watch as the horsepower levels continue to climb and the speedometer needles fly past speed limits and approach the edge of sanity.

    In this chapter of the Super Speeders series you'll see just how far Rob, Matt and Vinny can get with 3 cars and $1500 between them. You'll also see the most outlandish challenge attempted to date when the Super Speeders see who can intentionally get a ticket first. This is the video you will be telling your friends about for years to come.



    Released 12/1/2009

    Runtime: 142 minutes

    Aspect Ratio 16:9

    Filmed in High Definition


    Chapter List:

    Lamborghini Crash

    1. Supra First Start

    2. Best of 09

    3. Supra Feature

    4. Gumball Launch

    5. Runway Event

    6. Fighter Jets

    7. Bullrun Day 1

    8. Bullrun Day 2

    9. Gumball Aftermath

    10. $500 Cars

    11.Atlantic City or Bust

    12. Silver State Classic

    13. First to get a ticket

    14. Extra Races / Credits


    Bonus Features:

    1. Volvomino

    2. Ferrari Crash

    3. Silver State Classic Grid

    4.Fighter Jets Lunch Special

    5. Ferrari Wall

    6. Fire System Test

    7. Matts SLR Review

    8. Unexpected Footage

    9. Roger Blows His Turbo

    10. More Supra Rides

    11. TT Gallardo Speedo

    12. Cutting Room Floor

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